The program and media Inspiring Kindness.

Inspiring Kindness is a media basically about catching, rewarding, and visualizing acts of kindness. The media’s spreading ability applies through its self-propelling Pay-It-Forward solution. The reward is a Gift Card, enabling the one caught in kindness to help a defined underprivileged child at no cost. The only requirement is to have Nonprofits working with poverty that can identify needy children and their needs.

The Reward

All needs will be funded through the Gift Card – a Gift Card For Giving. The cards will be stored in the media’s card bank and will be activated when they are paid or donated for. The Quality Giving Management System that operates the media, is also a transaction system for funding of the cards. This enables flexibility for how the cards in the card bank will be funded, with the possibility for corporate funding or what might be most optimal, by donations to Nonprofit that wants to operate their own campaigns.

To run your own campaign, it will require some simple tasks and we will be happy to answer any question you may have by calling Henrik 669 238 5620 or email him

Three Easy Steps

Explore Inspiring Kindness in a short 1-minute video.

  1. 1
    Set up campaign.

    To run a campaign, you will need a campaign site. The site runs all features needed for a campaign, administration, registration of children, card bank, catches etc.

  2. 2
    Set up Stripe account.

    In order for it to be possible for the system to create donations through Stripe, some configuration must be done in the organisation's Stripe account. The system only needs access to two things in Stripe.
    1. Read products.
    2. Create a donation transaction.
    We suggest that the one administrate the account contacts us so we can give him/her the right direction.

  3. 3
    Registration of underprivileged children

    To have children the organization wants to brighten up the day for, they must be identified and be submitted in the system. This process is easy to do either by passing out cards with QR codes to the Guardians or sending them a link, enabling them to access the registration site. They may then not only register the required info to receive the gift, but they may also submit greetings to the giver.

Catching kindness

The catcher can be anyone or also law enforcement officers. The first catch in the chain will either be initiated by a Kindness catch card or for officers, as Kindness Citation. However the most efficient spreading effect will be through catches done as part of the Pay-it-forward solution and where it will require that the one taking part will need to donate for a GFG, to be used as the reward.

try it out


An important part of the inspirational effect it is visualizing of the good one. As you will see in a test, when using the app in the catch, it will give the catcher the ability to use all modern media solutions to visualize the one he/she wants to catch.

Funding - Gift Card For Giving (GFG)

Funding of the cards can either be done to Quality Giving Management where the company will administer the financial requirement for the GFG and its logistics (the campaigns will still be branded by an organization), or the best way to utilize all the benefits the system provides for a Non-profits, is that the organizations connect their Stripe account to the campaign. There are 2 ways a kindness catch can be conducted, either with pre-donated GFG or that the kindness catcher makes a donation for a GFG to be used as the reward. For some catching kindness action, such as for law enforcement, the GFG must always be pre-donated (law enforcement cannot be affiliated with a program connected to fundraising). Common for all GFG that will be used is that they have the potential to trigger a pay-it-forward chain.
Here are the most common ways you can attract donations to your campaign.
- Privat, businesses, retail etc. can donate for pre-donated GFG.
- Any existing funds or pledged donations allocated to helping children, can be used as GFG. The donation just makes a “detour” by a kindness catch, but the need will regardless reach the child.
- Anyone who wants to make a kindness catch, can donate for a GFG as a reward. (Can be used as year's Holiday gifts!)

This video was shot in real-time, showing the ripple effect of a kindness catch and how it brightened up the day for a child.