Wish cards

Every year many charities, especially those involved in programs helping people in poverty are running Holiday Wish drives. Under the development of the media Inspiring Kindness where helping underprivileged children is a core component, the founder over years studied the logistics of the largest distributor of Holiday wishes in California, Family Giving Tree.

Besides complying with the principle of the quality standards FGT is resting on, the final result, Quality Giving Management System (QGMS), has moved all logistics for Holiday wish drives over on a complete online platform supported by online retail businesses. This has as result also made it possible for organizations to focus on identifying the ones eligible to submit their wishes, and make invitations to fund and fulfill the wish by issuing wish cards through their network without need for to consider merchandise logistics.

QGMS Wish drive solution is free to use by any Nonprofit working with underprivileged families. As the merchandise for the wishes will be distributed by professional retail online providers, the wish drive has only limitations on how to identify the ones in need which mostly comes through local knowledge.

Here is some of the benefit of using the system

  1. 1

    Make eligible families defined by the organization make they own wish list.

  2. 2

    All applicants can keep their anonymity (the NPO operate the platform can decide shipping address)

  3. 3

    As all wish cards are virtual (also hard copy will be linked up by QR codes), it’s possible for both giver and receiver to communicate with greetings but at the same time keep anonymity.

  4. 4

    All outreach to potential givers can be done virtually with links and have an unlimited spreading potential through social media.

  5. 5

    - As the givers instead of paying for the goods when they have identified it online, will donate for it to the organization, the organization will benefit from discount as cash and the giver will get tax break.

As this is all online and with limited requirement to manpower it can be quickly implemented and reach this year's Holiday with very limited requirement to prepare.

Here is what your organization needs to do:

Connect donation and payment

Enable your Stripe account to handle transactions for donations to organization and make the payment to the retail.

Register the families

Either by passing registration cards with QR codes to eligible families or send them the link to register name and an online wish list.

To fund the wishes:

Make anyone from your organization record a simple video based on making following statement or similar: (For example, to connect giving to the season – wear a Santa outfit when the record starts and then remove it when start talking)

Suggested statement:

Do you believe in Santa? I guess you don’t, but even if he doesn’t exist, the vision he presents is very much alive. We (name of your organization) know a lot about how poverty strikes unfairly and limits people’s ability to even get things most take as granted. This time of year, this experience of poverty can even be more difficult when expectations in the society visualize this even more clearly. However, with this outreach we hope you will consider giving to one of those we know needs your care.

There are fortunately many organizations that are trying to do the same thing we ask from you, and when we know how hard it can be to make time to just do any shopping, we have made it possible to do it all online.

By picking the Wish Card in the end of this video you will possibly "meet" the person you will joy and where you can pick what the person has wished for this Holiday. When you fulfill the wishes, the system not only takes care of all logistics but when you instead of paying for the item, donate the amount making us able to do the shopping for you, we will get revenue based on our special discount and you will get the tax break you deserve for your contribution.

Thank you for all the good we know you are doing this Holiday season.

This video shows how a person redeeming a wish card picks one of the wishes and donates the amount to the organisation. It is the organization that buys the gift when donations have been made.